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Founder - Russell Smiley

Russell founded Byting Chipmunk to serve the growing need he saw to help companies make their transition to Continuous Delivery (automation everywhere).

With his industry experience in electronics manufacturing, telecommunications, radio systems, embedded software and distributed systems software development, Russell brings a diverse and experienced perspective to his consulting.

If you’d like more information, check out his LinkedIn profile or if you want to take a look at some code, have a look at his ci-cd-devops Gitlab group.

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Software development automation everywhere. Not just for things that occur often but also for things that don’t happen often at all.

Humans are not great at remembering highly complex, abstract activities, so automating infrequent tasks can also help improve outcomes by reducing errors. After all many things that occur infrequently such as disaster recovery or data migrations are also high impact and need to be robustly and reliably implemented, tested and executed.

Help organizations plan their release management, design and implement workflows and automation that enable employees to be more productive through the reduction of complexity in existing processes.

Enable employees to focus on the creative value that humans bring to their work, rather than toiling through complex, manual steps that are often unsatisfying and not adding much value now that those steps can often be implemented more reliably using automation.

– discover the scope of the issues

– collaborate on proposed implementation of resolutions such as; addressing technical debt, release management, new workflows, and so on

– implement agreed resolutions

Python, Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Airflow, Gitlab CI, GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps Pipelines, Jenkins, CircleCI, ARM Templates, Azure, AWS, Bare Metal

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