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Startups and technical debt - they don't have any, right?

Here’s some thoughts in response to this post from Jim Highsmith on LinkedIn.

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The six modes of miscommunication

I like to reference “the six modes of miscommunication”: → what you intended to say → what you actually said → what they heard you say → what they intended to respond → what they actually said in response → what you thought they said → …and around the loop again

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trunk based development

😳 🤯 I just came across this excellent resource defining and describing various source control and release management strategies in relation to trunk base development.

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The importance of release management

In my experience, release management is a discipline that is generally unrecognized by organizations and unacknowledged in developer training.

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Software delivery fire fighting

🚑 Rolling from one software delivery crisis to the next?

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Who here makes mistakes?

Who here makes mistakes? No? Yeah, me neither. 😉 But if you do have the occasional oopsy 🤮, maybe give this a thought:

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