Years ago my wife and I dined at a restaurant and discovered a beer “Barking Squirrel” that was new at the time. When she was next at the local beer store she asked if they carried it. The clerk laughed and replied, a little sarcastically, “no, but what about Biting Chipmunk?”.

We got a chuckle out of it and Barking Squirrel is no longer hard to find. I always thought that it would be fun to use the name “biting chipmunk” somehow, and now’s the opportunity!

The use of “y” in “Byting” is hopefully recognisable as a reference to “bytes” - that’s thanks to one of my children. If you look closely at the logo you might see that the “B” is reminiscent of the old terminal style characters, and if you look even closer it hopefully also echoes the infinity loop often used for DevOps. Just layers of the onion.